Diverse Hiring Practices in Law Enforcement

Watch this educational module which is about 20 minutes if you choose which has clips from law enforcement officers talking about their experiences.

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To my elected officials in my district,

I am asking you to consider methods and.or introduce legislation to increase the diversity of law enforcement agencies to close diversity gaps in law enforcement officers to bridge the gap between Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter movements.

The U. S. Bureau of Justice statistics from 2016 and 2020 indicate a large equity disparity in the gender and ethnicity composition of law enforcement agencies nationally.

As issues surrounding use of force versus level of resistance that have ignited and mobilized anti-law enforcement sentiment, one possible solution is to address the structural and system imbalance of power in law enforcement through diverse hiring practices.

In doing so we may able to turn the tide on systemic issues within law enforcement agencies.


[This correspondence was cut and pasted from the blog, Let’s Talk About Race, the entry dated July 31, 2023, written by Dr. Brett H. Cook-Snell, https://bretthcook.blog/diverse-hiring-practices-in-law-enforcement/ and used by permission.]

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