The Brett H. Cook-Snell Endowed Scholarship Fund, LLC – Contributions and Fundraising

Service Marked protected by the US Trademark and Patent Office No. 90010423

Contributions and Fundraising

Speaking Engagements and Group Anitracist Facilitation and Training

Honorariums received through community engagement and facilitation activities by director Brett H. Cook-Snell on topics to include de-centering whiteness, deconstructing racism, and white fragility. Dr. Brett H. Cook-Snell is an antiracist educator and group facilitator. Dr. Cook-Snell has a PhD in Education and is trained in facilitation skills on antiracist dialogue.  Ninety percent of the honorarium will be directly contributed to the endowment fund, the remaining ten percent will be used for administrative costs, fees, and payment to any co-facilitators. Meetings, facilitation, and dialogues may be web-based teleconference software and/or face-to-face meetings at clients’ location.

Product Sales

The LLC has a service mark of “Racism – How very white of you”. The service mark is protected by the US Patent and Trademark Office under serial number of 90010423.  Our service mark allows for class 25 and class 36 sales of printing on dress shirts and t-shirts for charitable use to raise funds for the Brett H Cook-Snell Endowed Scholarship Fund. The items will be sold and net proceeds of each sale will be deposited into the fund. Fees will be based on two times the cost of production + cost of shipping and handling. A survey of T-shirt printing companies suggests costs of merchandise plus printing to be $10-$15 per shirt. This would result in a sales price of $20-$30 per shirt with additional shipping and handling charges and a gross profit of $10-$15 per shirt. Ten percent ($1-$1.50) will be subtracted from the gross profit for administrative and an operating costs fund and the remaining 90% will be deposited into the endowment fund.

Crowd Funding

Community and crowd-based funding on web-based crowd funding sites.

Direct Donations

Donations may be made directly to:

The Brett H. Cook-Snell Endowed Scholarship Fund, LLC

c/o Dr. Brett H. Cook-Snell

4708 Masters Ave

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

For more information about direct donations, you may call Dr. Cook-Snell at (757) 636-0994

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