The Brett H. Cook-Snell Endowed Scholarship Fund, LLC – Mission Statement

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The Brett H. Cook-Snell Scholarship Fund, LLC has the mission of awarding scholarships to applicants to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA who meet first generation AND low-income level requirements as defined in Higher Education Act of 1965, 1998 Higher Education Act Amendments Subpart 2—Federal Early Outreach and Student Services Programs, Chapter 1 – Federal TRIO Programs Sec. 402A 20 U.S.C. 1070a-11. Text of this act containing the definitions is available at:

Scholarships will be awarded out of the endowed scholarship fund that will be fully funded through the activities listed to reach a full initial funding level of $25000 or comparable amount for the fund to be self-sustaining with an ability to award an annual $500-$1000 scholarship based upon interest from the principal. Based upon the investment plan outline in the percentage of resources question, the endowed fund should be vested in 5 years to allow for award of scholarships. Award of the scholarship will be to qualified applicants based upon competitive award.

Until the scholarship fund is fully endowed, Dr. Cook-Snell will personally provide one $500.00 scholarship for the Fall and Spring Semesters to applicants who meet the scholarship criteria, submit an application, and who are selected through the review process described in the Scholarship Application and Review Process.